ben 10 story

If you have a hobby of watching movies then you’ll know the character of Ben is a true adventurer and the figure that a lot of character animation preferred. In addition to the series of amazing films, Ben provides an interesting story in each ...

Ben 10 + Gwen + stranger

“Stay down,” Gwen hissed at Ben as her cousin knelt behind the trash bin. “We can’t let Jane see you before you change back. “I know that,” Ben said with the lizard-like hiss of his XLR8 form, “but why do I have to hide when she isn’...

alien sex

Ben, Gwen, Julie, and Kevin were trying to get charmcasters hands off a alien device, Kevin was dealing with a rock monster. After the device is activated, Ben, Gwen, Julie, and charmcaster were transported to an alien arena. Then the head alien said...

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