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Barts friday night at his aunts house. Simpsons Porn Story

Last friday Bart spent the night fucking his aunt Selma and Patty Bouvier his mothers older sisters and he would never have even thought of such a thing under normal circumstances but for what had happened the week before with his sister Lisa and his...

Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 12

It was well past nine in the morning when Lisa awoke. She could smell bacon and coffee from downstairs and knew that her mother was cooking a light meal, eggs were probably part of the breakfast and that was fine with her. For a few moments, Lisa fel...

Sorry It Wont Work Out Between Us Chapter 1

Authors Note: Im back and I have ELEVEN new ideas back with me, so expect another influx.Sorry, It Wont Work Out Between UsHe was writing the note at his desk. It was his idea that it would be the best letter he had ever written for his eyes. For his...

Simpsons: Part 3 - Blackmail And Fun

When Marge went into the room she found homer pissed off.Marge: "what's wrong dear"Homer: "don't `what's wrong' me Marge, you know dam straight what's wrong.There isn't anymore fucking beer."Marge: "Homer watch you language"Homer: "Fuck that, they ei...

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