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Its Not Over Chapter 3

The next day, Aelita told the group all about her dream. Brianne hadnt shown up yet. "What? X.A.N.A. is still alive?" Jeremy asked."How can that be possible?" Odd asked."Yeah, we destroyed him for good, remember?" Yumi pointed out."I know, I know." S...

Solar Eclipse Chapter 4

Im updating again because Im back. Now Im beginning to weave the love web here so dont get to comfortable with the pair up done in this chapter._______________________________________Chapter Two: DateThe two roommates awoke at nine the next morning. ...

Lyoko Interviews Chapter 4

SEE I told you I would update!Disclaimer: I own nothing except the right to through one of my cousins off a cliff.Lyoko InterviewsInterview 4Ulrich SternMe: Hello once again and guess what?Audience: What?Me: I have 2 announcements. One, Thank you to ...

Hot Springs

It was spring break and Ulrich and Yumi were in the forests of Japan. It was the afternoon and they both had been hiking since morning. The sun was high in the sky and it was beautiful day. This was the best vacation Yumi or Ulrich had ever been on i...

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