So Not A Fairytale Chapter 6

-6--Of Hogging The Ball-Oi, pass me the ball! I yell at Micro-Ice who has apparently decided to hog it all to himself and see how far he can get down the pitch on his own. I sprint after him, determined to get it back. I can feel the Breath building ...

Netherworld Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I dont own Galactik Football, Im making no profit off this story and I dont claim that the events represented in this story are canon. Its just my look at what could have been happening off-screen when Rocket was playing Netherball.Summar...

Way Back into Love Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I dont own Galactik FootballDisclaimer: I dont own Galactik Football. Alphanim does.Way Back Into LovePrologue: MemoriesOne freshening night in Akillian, when the moon was full, a 32-year old woman with long white hair and wears a white s...

Shower time !

Rocket let out a sigh of relief as the warm water hit his face and ran down his back "Finally, peace and quiet..." He smiled to himself, enjoying the feeling of the water washing away all his worries... "Enjoying yourself are you?" He spun around sw...

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