Neutron At War Chapter 1

Chapter One Two Years After the Events of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Jimmy's machine blinked all of its lights in sequence. Certainly, the blinking lights did not help its function in any way, but he got bored sometimes, and it's not...

Youre my Daddy Continued Chapter 8

Here we go, I am updating... so so so sorry for the wait! Okay, I will wrap this up, I don't own Jimmy Neutron or the orginal plot for this story, ect.Now, for the story:Okay, what next? Asked Cindy, waiting outside Jimmys room when he emerged from c...

Girls Hair and Hand Dryers Chapter 1

Everyones teenage, 15, 16-ish. Enjoy!Their toes squished inside their wet sandals as they pushed open the restroom door, shivering slightly in the air-conditioned breeze. Water dripped from their elbows and ponytails, marking a sloppy drop trail from...

Jimmy Neutron with one

Hugh Beaumont Neutron had gone nostalgic again. “...Oh, yes! I was on a college team. I was varsity! Not football. Not basketball. But there is more to collegiate competition than just those! *I* was on my Alma Mata’s bowling team! And believe yo...

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